Churros w/ Mocha Ganache + how to avoid exploding churros!

 avoiGuys! Today I’m sharing the dessert I love eating the most, one of my all time favorites! Churros! And these churros come with a warning that could save you serious trauma and pain. 

But I just have to say I absolutely hate making them. And when I say hate I mean HATE with a passion. I don’t mean the making the dough part, that’s super simple and takes just about 5 min. No, what I hate is the frying part. I’ve always had an aversion when it comes to frying, even though deep fried food is the best thing ever! DSC_2898As a person who has spent as much time as I’ve had in the kitchen, accidents are bound to happen, and I’ve have had my fair share of them, big and small ones. There’s no way of avoiding that.
But last year I had such a scary accident and it gave me serious trauma. I seriously couldn’t stay in the kitchen if someone was frying.

I’ve been making churros for years and years.. I’ve tried many different recipes and methods, but I have never ever heard of the dangers lurking when making churros.

So I was making churros with my younger sister and we had agreed that I would make the dough and chocolate and prepare everything and she would be frying them, because even before this nasty accident I had a serious eversion to deep frying. So I made the dough and everything, took out my disposable piping bag and cut the tip for the nozzle. Unfortunately I cut too big of a hole and the nozzle would just fall out and typically enough that was my last piping bag. So I decided to just not use the nozzle and pipe with just the bag. I mean, the nozzle is not that important and is just for the churros to have those ridges and get crispy right? WRONG! Turns out its not just for decoration and crispy results.  DSC_2906As the control freak I am I couldn’t wait for my sister to fry and chose to do it myself. I heated up the oil, and started frying the first batch of churros. They were browning really nice and as I was turning them I noticed that there was uncooked dough pipling out one of the churros. And as I was looking at it I thought «looks like this dough might explode.» And sure enough that’s just what happened a second later.

Hot oil and churros exploded and splattered all over the stove, walls and there even was a piece of uncooked churros innards on the ceiling. My sister and I quickly retreated as far as we could and stared in shocked as churros exploded out of the frying pan one after the other, then we looked at each other, then back at the mess and then back at each other. For a few minutes all you could hear were the exploding churros and then it quieted down. Suddenly we burst out laughing, you know one of those nervous, OMG what just happened kind of laughter.  DSC_2904Suddenly she looked at me and was like «Najma, your arms!» And that’s when I felt the burning, like I’d been stung by dozens of bees. The oil had apparently splattered on my arms, shoulder and neck, even my face was burning in places, I hadn’t notice at first because of the shock. Even my glasses were covered with oil and I was thanking the Lord I was wearing them and not lenses. Can you imagine hot oil IN your eyes. Yikes.. I got some nasty burns on my arms cause I was just turning the churros when it exploded so they were pretty exposed. I also got a burn on my shoulder. But that was alxamduli Allah the worst of it. The splatter on my face and neck didn’t leave any serious burn or scaring. And my sister came unscathed out of it, alxamduli Allah, thanks to my control freak nature.  DSC_2911And that was it for me.. I had no interest in frying the rest of the churros after that. I’m not being a drama queen when I say I was shaking and my legs were wobbly still from the shock.If I despised frying earlier I deff hated it then and I wasn’t about to get anywhere near a deep fryer. I just eat the hard shells from the exploded churros and drank the chocolate sauce as if it was hot chocolate and called it a day. As a child I had nearly burned down our kitchen but this was to me more terrifying, I just hate working with hot oil.  DSC_2914What really baffles me though is the lack of information in recipes online. I had tried many recipes and non of them warned about exploding churros if you don’t use proper nozzles.

So guys please learn from my experience cause I promise you, you do NOT want a firsthand experience in this matter. You have to use a star shaped nozzle because the most amount of the dough has to be in contact with the oil for even heat distribution and so that the heat doesn’t build up inside the hard shell of the churros and explode.I honestly couldn’t fry anything for a really long time, I was truly traumatized. Every time my sister in law would come to visit I would convince her to fry them for us, because I had to intention of doing it myself but I was still craving them like crazy. But it worked for us because we both have a small (big) obsession with churros. Luckily I’ve gradually gotten used to deep frying myself again cause I’m tough like that, but I still get a little antsy about it.

Anyway just make sure you use the right nozzle and you’ll be just fine in sha Allah!

I love coffee flavored chocolate so I’m making mine with «mocha bønner» (norwegian coffee flavored chocolate), if you can get your hands on coffee flavored chocolate I really recommend that, but you can also just use a mix of dark chocolate and milk chocolate. And be sure to make this caramel sauce also, promise you’ll thank yourself!DSC_2919

Churros w/ Mocha Ganache
2 cups water
3 tbs olive oil
1 ts salt
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 ts baking powder
2/3 cup granulated sugar
2 tbs cinnamon

3.5 oz mocha flavored chocolate
2/3 cup heavy cream

Caramel sauce (optional but highly recommended)

Mix the flour and baking powder together in a bowl. In a small saucepan boil the water, salt and olive oil, pour the boiling water into the flour and stir with a wooden spoon until completely combined and there’s no floury lumps. The dough is quite tough so you have to mix vigorously.

As I mentioned above this dough is pretty tough so I recommend using one of those reusable nylon bags as they are tougher. You can use the plastic ones but you’ll probably have troubles piping without them bursting. Prepare your bag using the open star nozzle.

Fill the piping bag and pipe out about 5.5 inches churros on a parchment lined baking sheet.

While your oil is heating prepare a plate with kitchen towels or paper to drain of the excess oil. Mix your cinnamon and sugar to dunk the churros, set aside.

The oil is ready when it reaches 350 degrees, use a thermometer if you have one. If not just drop in a small piece of dough in the oil, its ready if the piece of dough is browned in 30 seconds.

Start frying your churros 3 or 4 at a time, do not overcrowd. Turn the churros for a even frying in all sides. Remove from the to the prepared plates with kitchen towels or paper to drain while you drop the next batch in the oil.

Coat the churros in the cinnamon sugar and transfer to your serving dish.

Boil the heavy cream and pour over the mocha chocolate, let sit for about a minute. Stir until you have a velvety ganache.


Please, dont let my story intimidate you from making your own churros because even though I hate frying them I still make them at least twice a month and thats for a damn good reason! They are delicious!

Be sure to send me pics or tag me in your photos! 🙂