3 Ingredients No Churn Vegan Mango Coconut + Peppermint Ice Cream

So I’ve decided to start blogging in english and already I’m regretting it writing this first sentence.


I’m constantly second guessing my writing skills, nevertheless, I’ve had a couple of requests to do the blogging in English. So here goes nothing….

Todays cold treat checks off all the boxes, it’s simple, super healthy and super delicious, not to mention vegan!


Summer in our house means one thing, Pakistani Chaunsa mangoes. This is the most anticipated thing through the entire year, the moment they arrive in the country you’ll find someone from the Abdille family sniffing them out. We love them more than we love Norwegian strawberries and that says a lot considering the fact that Norwegian strawberries are the bomb.

We’ve actually never used these mangoes in anything, just simply devoured it as it is. As soon as they get in the house you get slapped in the face by it’s incredible rich aroma and the only thing remaining is to commence devouring the entirety of it, skin and all, making sure the stone is completely bared for fruit meat.


The secret of getting the best ice cream ( as is the case in all things) is using the best of ingredients. Make sure you have the best quality mangoes. if you can’t get your hands on Chaunsa mangoes (I sincerely feel for you), then ripe Alfonso mangoes will do. Just make sure they are really ripe, that’s when the sugar content is at it’s highest. Guys I didn’t even use any form of sweetener in my ice cream. But if you want to you may add a couple of spoons honey or agave syrup for a vegan alternative. The coconut milk should be 100% organic with no additives. That’s really all you need in this recipe but I really recommend adding a little of peppermint leaves.


Recipes yields: 1 1/5 liters ice cream

Approx: 5-7 servings

2 pounds (1 kilo) mango fruit meat approx. 5 mangoes depending on size
1 can (400 ml) coconut milk
8 peppermint leaves finely chopped

Peel the mangoes and remove the meat from the stones. Blend the mangoes in a blender until completly smooth. 

In a large bowl whip the coconut milk until soft peaks form. Add the mango pulp and mix well, now add the finely chopped peppermint leaves. Pour the mixture into a freezer safe container, cover and freeze.

Freeze for 4-6 hours. 
Stir the ice cream 2-3 times the first hour for smoother ice cream.

Oppskrift gir ca.  1/5 liter is
Ca. 5-7 porsjoner

1 kilo mango kjøtt, ca 5 mango avhengig av størrelsen
1 boks (400 ml) kokosmelk
8 peppermynte blader

Skrell mangoen og skjær av all kjøttet, kjør det i en blender til du får en glatt puree. 
Pisk kokosmelk stiv i en stor bolle. Rør inn mango puree, rør godt sammen og bland inn finhakket pepperminte blader rør inn. 

Frys iskremen i 4-6 timer. Rør iskremen 2-3 ganger den første timen den er i fryseren for en glattere iskrem. 



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